How to create own domain based nameservers / vanity nameservers / child nameservers?

Creating your own domain based vanity nameserver:

Different domain registers call own domain based nameservers by different terms. Godaddy calls it vanity nameservers, resellerclub calls it child nameserver, some calls it branded nameserver and so on.

What is vanity nameservers?

Well, if you own a domain name you like to have your own branded nameserver like and This is purely done for branding purpose and if you can manage the dns in your hosting server so that you can have more flexibility.


How to setup vanity nameservers?

Find out your domain ip address, you can do that by doing ping. for this example we will use and you need at least two nameservers to your website, so its better if you have two ips but one IP will also work and enough as many of us only have one server for our website.

So, lets create two name servers as follows:

In above example, is domain name so replace it with your domain name , and ns1 and ns2 are the nameserver we are creating, and is the ip address of our domain name provided by hosting company.

Normally, ns1 is pretty standard nameserver naming convention but you can change it as you like. So in general, for linux based server, ns1, ns2 is used while for window based server nt1, nt2 is used. But these are just  naming convention you can use anything you like.


Domain side:

Step 1: Add Glue record:
First we need to setup in domain side. So go to the domain registrar, where domain is register.  And add a glue record for your domain.

glue records are A records in DNS. Different domain registrar used different names, some call it host names, some call it child name server. But its just a A record in your DNS.

So look for DNS settings / find child name server / host name in your domain register to add this record i11n your domain control panel of domain you like to add name server.

Format of glue record is this:

record name: ns1
 Ip address:
 record type: A
record name: ns2
 Ip address:
 Record Type: A

Some domain register, you give full name server not just ns1 and ns2, so look in their help section for details.


Step 2: Point your name server in your domain.
Go to change name server section for your domain so that you can now point your domain nameserver to nameserver you just set.
details are :


for example in go daddy click on edit nameserver next to domain and put your nameservers there.


Server side:

Now in server, where you have hosted your domain, we need to setup DNS so that server will know, which nameserver that website is authorized to.

So we need to add A record, and NS records there so go to DNSsection in your website hosting control panel and add following records:

add A record:

 ns1     A
ns2  A


A is record type.


Add NS Record:   NS  NS


NS is record type, and dont forget tailing dot in your nameserver name.  don’t forget to restart your nameserver.


And you are done. !